1. Where is chlorophyll and other pigments present i n the plants?
2. Do you think the new reddish leaves of plants also carry out photosynthesis?what could be the role of their colour?
3.what makes chloroplast appear completely different from other cell organelles?



1. The chlorophyll and the other pigments are present in the Chloroplast.The chloroplast is hidden in the "palicide parenchyma" of the leaves.
2. Yeah of course the new raddish leaves carry out the Photosynthesis processes.
3. Because it will participate in the "Light Reaction" and also because it is in the Green Colour.
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Thank u but second and is correct
1.the chlorophyll and other pigments is present in the leaves of a plant .
2. no the new reddish leaves of plants cannot carry out photosynthesis . The role of their colour is that the chlorophyll trapes the solar energy and convertes it into chemical energy.
3. its green colour
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The second an sis correct
What the chemical energy role is to break the bonds of the Water Molecule into Hydrogen and Oxygen atoms.