When we freeze water it converts into ice and when we melt ice it converts into water . When we heat water it converts into steam or water vapour and when we condense steam it forms water and when we burn ice it forms water vapour .these all changes occur by the difference in temperature and that is why ice water and steam are three states of a substance and not different substances.
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How can we burn ice .?
i think, he want's to mean' on heating with fire'
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Freezing of water changes it's state from liquid to solid, i.e, ice. Melting of ice changes it's state of matter from solid to liquid, i.e, water. And when we
boil this water, it's state of matter changes from liquid to gas, i.e, steam. And when we condense this steam, it forms water.
Therefore,we conclude that, ice - water - steam are the three different states of a substance and not different substances.All these change of states are due to different temperatures applied.
ice  on heating  ---> (melts to) water on further heating  ----> (by evaporation) gas
Gas by condensation  ---->water on freezing  ----> ice.
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