Depending on cell function the shape and size varies from organism to organism . Cells may be vary spherical rectangular polygonal spindal etc. The diversity in cell is according to the role of function it has to perform. For example.. Smooth muscle cells perform the function of contraction and relaxation..In a way the variations structure of cells perform their specialized functions
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Cells show a great variation in their stape. They may be spherical, rounded, elongated, cuboidal, cylindrical, tubular, discoidal or irregular.They shape of cells is often related to the different functions they perform.Therefore, it is related to its function.

The size of the cells are small. The smallness of cell provides more surface area per unit volume.With an increase in size, this ratio gradually decreases. Thus, larger the surface area of the cell in relation to its volume causes greater diffusion.Therefore, it is related to its function.

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