First start balancing from oxygen and hydrogen atoms and then balance other this is th easiest way to balance a equation.
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Make sure that there are equal no of atoms of each kind on LHS and RHS.For example, if we take H2+N2 --> HN3LHS- N=2 (atoms) & H=2, butRHS- H=1 & N=3. Hence this eq. is not balanced.To balance it, we first take LCM of no on H atoms=2.Now our new eq. is H2+N2--> 2HN3H atoms are balanced but N atoms yet  have to be balaced.No. of H atoms on LHS=2 , RHS=6LCM=6, So to balance it we rewrite it as  H2+3N2---> 2HN3.(But be careful not to change the values written in subscript or ur whole formula may change.)
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