Industrial pollution is the major problem of today's world because it is one of the pollution which harm the living world but even it is advantage to the people it produces and export and import goods and help people to modernized but there should be a limited.They release harmful gases CO2(carbon dioxide),CO(carbon monooxide)which can harm our body,So the people should takes steps to stop polluting the world by these measures -:
1.the industries should be build in the outshirts of the city
2. they should filter the gases before releasing it 
3. the industries should take safe measues before establishing it.
It also increases the products being made in the U.S. Steel, clothes, coal, power, heating are just a few of the luxuries gained by having these industries.Industrial pollution is the air, water, and chemical pollution caused by industries. ... Industrial pollution began when our country went through the Industrial RevolutionHuman influences such as poor agricultural practices, the digging up of important resources, industrial waste dumping and careless disposal of trash continue to pollute the land rapidly. ... Industrial wastes account for the majority of the discarded material. ... These figures do not include the additional solid wastes from mining, industrial production and agriculture....