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In the early times, ancient people use to live in camps. They learn to domesticate the dogs because of the several benefits that they can get from doing it. The dogs would alert them in times that there will be some predators or strangers near their camp.
Akita, Rottweiler, Doberman pinscher, Bull Mastiff and Mastiff, Great
Dane, Boxer and Giant Schnauzer. German Shepherd-breeds
Anxious, demanding, dominant, protective, sensitive, loyal,
great obedience dogs
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Dogs are the loyalest animals ..... They are the best friend of man....,they can even sacrifice their life to protect their owner's life......their characteristics are.... They are very loyal and they are the best form of security.... The Army officers and security agents take the help of dogs in searching the explosives and in catching the dangerous criminals .......their smelling power is the highest of all and hence they are also used to find the hidden things and solve the mystery Hope it helps u
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