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Last week we went to kullumanali. we reached there by train in the morning. it is situated in Himachal Pradesh. we went to the hotel and changed our clothes. then we moved to kullu which is very far from manali. there we did water rafting . in the boat cold water was touching us and our clothes. it was very chilled as it comes from the mountains. we all were wet and felt cold. we reached to hotel again and again we changed our clothes. then we went to Hadimba Temple. it was very old. there were statues of Hadimba maa. from there we did our photo session. then we felt hungry and went to a dhaba. there we ate various items of food. we reached hotel and slept there. the hotel was very nice. it was well maintained. next day we went to manigarh which is also in kullu. it was a gurudwara. there was a hot cave which was very hot. then we ate our food there which is known as a langar. then we had our food and went to hotel and slept there. next day we went to manali and visited mall road. it was a shopping market. and finally we visited rohtang. the temperature there was very cold. we were shivering and there was a lot  of ice. we played there with ice. it was funny. we also made a cute snowman.and then we came back to our home. it was a nice trip.
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