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The story is about a funny and fussy character.His name is Uncle Podger.He has three sons and a grown up daughter.A picture has arrived from the frame maker.Mrs Podger reminds her husband that he should tell someone to hang the picture.It is to be hung on the wall in the dining room.Uncle Podger tells her" leave that to me.I will do it."
Uncle Podger was a fussy man.He did not allow anyone else to do a job.He could never do anything queitly and neatly. He made a hash of everything.When he wanted to hang the picture,he created a mess.He spoiled the entire wall and the picture was crooked.(not straight)
Uncle Podger did not know how to do things in an organized way.First,he slipped the picture and its frame came out.His hand was cut.Then,he himself fell down the ladder.Once he let go the hammer and it hit someones toe.Thus one thing was happening after another.It cleraly shows that uncle podger was in capable of doing anything ina neat way.
Uncle podger freely let out his anger.when he fell down the ladder he was cursing and abusing.He blamed others without realizing that it was his own fault.He said that women made fuss.The reality was thet he himself made fuss.
Uncle podger felt proud of himself.He had a high opinion about himself.At the end,he uttered"why some people have a man in to do a little thing like that".Uncle podger is an eccentric.He attaches great importance to a trivial job.He has to hang a picture on the wall.Yet he begins to do the petty job as if it were a big military operation.He engages all the members of his family.
Uncle podger provokes laughter.We cannot help laughing at his fussiness and self pride. But still we cannot help loving him.
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As per story uncle was Wallace Tripp
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