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Given sum  of  the  zeroes= -b/a =>5/2 
product of  the  zeroes =c/a => -1/1  
but as the polynomial is  x^2-(sum of zeroes)x +product of zeroes 
the  required  polynomial will be   2x2 -5x - 2
2 4 2
but in place of -2 there should be 1, no?
now I've understood.
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The standard form of an equation is a x^{2} -sx+p
where s is sum of zeroes and p is the product
equatis is  x^{2} -5/2x +1
if we take the LCM then equation will be
2 x^{2} -5x+2

1 5 1
only the second term is in fraction so we take the lcm for the equation..
Sweety2 i knw the method u did is in ncert bt this is an easy and crrct method..
@deekshashr ohh yeah
thank you so much guys, but I think maths makes every one crazy.
thanks @deekshashr, your method is east to understand.