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options given in (a) and (b) are same

Renewable Energy=Energy  which are inexhaustible and provided for use for very-very long period of time is know as Renewable energy

Those sources of energy, which have accumulated in nature over a very, very long time and cannot be quickly replaced when exhausted are called non-renewable sources of energy.
(a)The source of energy that can be regenerated in nature is known as renewable source of energy. E.g - sun, wind etc.The source of energy that does not regenerate in nature is known as non-renewable source of energy.
Eg- coal, pretloleum.

(b)Exhaustible sources are those sources of energy which will exhaust or dissappear after some time. Eg - coal, petroleum. Inexhaustible sources are those sources of energy, which will not exhaust from nature. These are unlimited source of energy. Eg - sun

Therefore, we can say that, (a) and (b) are almost the same.

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