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1.A cut out of a geometrical figure such as a triangle is made and placed on a rectangular sheet of paper marked with X and Y-axis.

2.The co-ordinates of the vertices of the triangle and its centroid are noted.

3.The triangular cut out is displaced(along x-axis, along y-axis or along any other direction.)

4.The new co-ordinates of the vertices and the centroid are noted again.

5.The procedure is repeated, this time by rotating the triangle as well as displacing it. The new co-ordinate of vertices and centroid are noted again.Displacement and rotation of a geometrical figure.

6.Using the distance formula, distance between the vertices of the triangle are obtained for the triangle in original position and in various displaced and noted positions.

7.Using the new coordinates of the vertices and the centroids, students will obtain the ratio in which the centroid divides the medians for various displaced and rotated positions of the triangles.

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