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Dear styen
hi! how are you ? i hope your are fine. are you enjoying your holidays. well i have a interesting thing to tell you.
  today in the morning while i was walking in the park i saw a bird inn the skay i could'nt see which bird it was but when i sat on the grass i saw that the same bird sat on the branch of tree nearby me . it was a parrot it was very beautiful. iafter some time it was time for me to go the bird started calling all her friends i was surprisesed so i also caleed my my friends and they were having fun suddenly i woke up from my dream when my mom called me .it was a dream but i still loved it as it was the bird i saw.

tell me something that you thought in these holidays. convey my regards to uncle and aunt.
your friend

hope this helps you  and  can be best

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