Cleaning air is what we need
Mayyou could do a deed
People powered mower's
Using home made cleaners
Getting everything done
In one trip ,not using extra 
Water not even a drip
Car - pooling too,I care
 About the air and you should too
If you do a simple chore,
The earth will leave on for generations more .
Breathing freely is what we will do,
People will thank me and u.
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Pollution! Pollution! Pollution!
Is there no solution?!
Illusion! Illusion! Illusion!
of green earth re-evolution!

Buses and cars; Autos and bikes
to ride them, everyone like
but to breathe the dust and smoke
people get their throats choked.

Use of chemicals and CFCs
pollutes the air, land and even seas.
The ozone layer keeps tearing
resulting in fierce global warming!

Friends! Wake up!
Each one! Plant one!
Help in making our planet greener
and let's lead our lives much better and nicer!

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