Your relatives have to visit your house, and your gardner has not come for many days. so your mother asked you to clean the garden and remove dry leaves from the tree. Being a science student how you will remove dry leave from the tree within seconds. (a) Which method of separating the dry leaves will you use? Explain (b) Which law of physics is applicable in removing these dry leaves?



Ever since the beginning... The Garden Buzz has been all about the bees, no trouble. Long before Whole Foods imagined marketing Pollinator-Friendly Almonds. Still it's great to see pollinators finally getting their moment in the press.There has been a seismic shift in attitudes when it comes to gardening and insects. It wasn't long ago that the only mention of bugs in gardening info detailed methods of killing them. New generations will be surprised to learn there was a time when we didn't seek out ways to welcome pollinators and other beneficial insects to our gardens.
I will use my normal separating way!!!