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You are what you eat is a famous proverb. It is. 100% true. If our body is a machine, it definitely needs the fuel called food to keep doing its work. But it is extremely important that the food we eat is nutritious so that we can function healthily. The food we ingest is absorbed, assimilated and finally excreted. In this process, only the nutrients are absorbed form the food and the remaining junk is excreted out. But what if we eat only junk! What will be the nutrient level in such so called junk food? Junk food will be of no use to our body and it will only increase the cholesterol levels in our body. On the other hand, God given fresh fruits and vegetables, even when taken in small amounts produce extreme positive impacts on our body. It is high time we switched over to nutritious food to have a longer healthier smarter life.
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