From the statements given below choose the option that are true for a
typical female gametophyte of a flowering plant:
i. It is 8-nucleate and 7-celled at maturity
ii. It is free-nuclear during the development
iii. It is situated inside the integument but outside the nucellus
iv. It has an egg apparatus situated at the chalazal end
(a) i and iv, (b) ii and iii (c) i & ii (d) ii & iv

Biology - Main Course Book

Chapter 2. Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants



(c) i & ii is the correct option.

iii is wrong because gametophyte is surrounded by both integuments and nucellus outside. So, it is not present outside the nucellus but inside it.

iv is wrong because it has a egg appratus situsated at the micropylar end and not at the chalazal end.
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