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Speed=distance/time So, distance=speed×time Therefore, Distance=65kmph×3hr=195km You can verify this through substituting the answer
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a car travel first 30 km with a uniform speed of 60 km h and then next 30 km with a uniform speed of 40 km h. calculate i. the total time of journey. ii. the average speed of the car. please solve this also
We can find this answer through average speed
=first distance time =30/60=1/2hr, second distance time=30/40=1/4hr so total journey time =30min+15min=45mins
45min is the average time
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If a train takes 3 hours and have uniform speed of 65 km/h 
speed = distance/time 
let us transpose time from RHS to LHS
then it will became,
distance = speed into time
D = 65 into 3
that is = 195 kms.

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