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(1) Increased likelihood of finding assailants in criminal offences, especially violent and sexual assaults. 

(2) Chance to solve old unsolved crimes. 

(3) Biological fathers (and mothers) identified with very high probability leads to solutions in wide range of family problems. 

(4) Identification of victims in mass terrorist attacks, aircraft accidents etc. 

(5) Familial searching and analysis increases opportunities of criminal detection. 


(1) Seen as an infringement of civil liberties especially when DNA profiles are stored from people who have nothing to do with a particular criminal offence. 

(2) Concerns that the finding of trace amounts of DNA can falsely implicate a person in a criminal investigation. 

(3) Concerns that the complexity of testing and data storage means errors could occur. 

(4) DNA profiles could be related (eventually) to certain illnesses and charcter traits and this information would be used by insurance companies and other organisations to the disadvatgae of the individual. 
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Yes there are advantages and disadvantages of DNA
advantages are
we can be strong as coded in DNA
we can be good at talents which were performed by our ancestors like:
if your father is a mathematician you can do great in maths if you started to do it
your DNA decides your body composition like height weight etc
disadvantages are:
like diabetes,cancer and other diseases if your ancestors have and you will easily get them if you are doing practices of them like
smoking if your ancestors have this you will get it easily if you smoke
if they get diabetes you will have a chance of getting it if you eat more