The broad outlook of classrooms of today seems to be quite similar to that early 20th century classrooms. Instead of bringing a change to meet the contemporary needs, many of the pioneer institutes of international repute promote themselves on the basis of their historic and traditional credentials. Classrooms of today still display the centuries old tradition of being teacher focused, solely supporting the process of teaching, and in general overlooking the importance of learning. This one directional flow of information from teachers to students leads to passive learning. In such a highly constrictive classroom set up, there is little choice for the students and hence, it is not conducive for active learning. However with rapid strides in science and technology sector, our system of education is also evolving gradually and becoming more and more globalised. Influence of technology on our younger generations is changing nature of education. Hence to meet the present day needs, the entire education system needs to be revamped. Accordingly, the classrooms of future should be designed by infusing innovative ideas and optimum use of technology while keeping the basic concept of 'effective teaching-learning' in mind.