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Room no.-123,

Date-4th June 2015

Dear Dad,
I am fine here with good mood and health and hope that you are also fine at your is mom ?

I wanted to tell you that our hostel has decided to take students for a tour to Delhi on 15th of June.It is an educational trip and they will be taking students to show a number of things.They will take us to show historical things  like monuments including Red Fort, India Gate, Qutab Minar etc.. Also they are taking to show many museums like Eternal Gandhi Multimedia Museum etc. Actually it is a two day tour and then  we'll be back to Dehradun. The tour fee was taken along with the hostel fee for one year. I really want to visit Delhi to learn new things so I am sending you an NOC to sign .Please send it by day after tomorrow.I hope that you will allow me to join my other friends and teachers on tour.

Give my regards to mom and love to XYZ ( your sis. or bro name ).

yours lovely 
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