A remote desktop is connecting 2 desktops with each other so that 2 people can use the same desktop at the same time 
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Remote desktop connection is a system by which you can view the same picture in two desktops as same time.
you can make actions in the desktop from any monitor
there are many software by which u can establish RDC and there is one more way by connecting two desktop monitors
 eg of software team viewer 
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How to connect to two computers?
by a wire... look behind you monitor u will find a wire that is connecting cpu and monitor ...u have to buy a same kind of wire .. and connect in the same way with other monitor..
and if u want to use softwares ... the best software is team viewer ... both the computer must have team viewer installed in it .. and its the simplest software for RDC .. u will find instruction in the software itself
When we buy that wire.where will be connect that wire
there are two slots of same size behind ur monitor where the old wire is connected....