How i spent my summer vacation!

My holidays started on April 3. On The 8 Of April we had gone by train to Palampur for a homechoolers conference.. So, I met lots of homechoolers like me, and we had lots of fun hanging out in the mall for a free day.(that was before the day of the conference). We did lots of skits and we made some thrilling movies, we also had a bonfire and played a "guess what i am game" It was lots of fun i wanted to go trekking in the Himalayan mountains where the conference was... But we didn't have time. We stayed there for 10 days and we came back to Bangalore.

We had also gone for many parties during the vacation. We had gone to the Mysore zoo also for the safari. It was good to see so many animals there, Especially the bears and the giraffes!

I had a fun time in the holidays.. I also got to hang out with my best friends in the mall. It was such a fun summer vacation, I feel bad that it has come to an end.