If we are a political leader then what what should we do(write ten things)

envolve a national model of development.
will develop the conditions of roads.
will provide wells.
will lower the taxes.
will try to stop corruption against women.
hope this will help u. nd plz mrk it as the bst.


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I would help to reduce poverty
i would provide free education to all
i shall help to increase employment to the qualified candidates
i will help to promote harmony among different states of the country and if possible I will try to bring about world peace
i will make sure that no one suffers from hunger
i will reduce the fares of public transport 
I will employ a lot of young people in the government sector 
i will provide free books, food and water to the under privileged 
I will make sure that people adhere strictly to the rules of the government
i will make sure that there are no disputes between people
finally I will carry out my duty with justice and abolish corruption.
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