There are many advantages and disadvantages of living in a joint family ...... some advantages are as follows 1) in a joint family the members can talk and discuss about their problems frankly with their elders or with the same age groups. .... 2) The work gets easier as the members divide the works among each other. .. 3) people take each other's suggestions before starting any work. .. Some disadvantages are ... 1) Sometimes fights and debates occur in a joint family as everyone has his/her own opinion on different issues. .. 2) If anyone is not happy or satisfied with other's work ., a fight occurs and sometimes even people leave the house. .. So like everything has advantages and disadvantages both in a joint family too has some merits and demerits its up to us how we take it.............. Hope it helps you. .
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Joint families are the traditional families in India especially in villages and small towns.  People with ancestral property and with old grandfathers still living, usually stay in joint families.

Advantages :
         The advantages of living in a joint family are many.  One does not have to search for a separate house, infrastructure, facilities for milk, water, electricity etc.  One is already familiar with the housing and conveniences over there.  A person does not feel alone during the afternoon.

     Often the ladies can do some good things together.  The festivals are celebrated better with a lot of gala and hungama.  A lot of varieties of food is prepared.  The children have many classmates or mates to play with.  Planning can be done for the entire family, in a better way.  In case a person falls sick, there are others who can help quickly.  The family can face outside people more boldly.

     People respect those persons who live in a big joint family.


     It is possible that there are conflicts among members due to cultural and habitual differences.  The differences may arise due to educational qualifications, working or earning levels.  However these can be solved and sorted peacefully with clever thinking and wisdom.  There are restrictions on some person doing some thing in a joint family, as resources are shared.  Every body can not do any thing that one likes to do.

   Some times one needs to help others even though one does not want to.  Some times we feel forced to do some thing, and do activities even though we do not like.  This is because we feel that others will feel bad.  That is,  there are some misunderstandings and communication gaps.


   People living in joint families should understand their limits and should not have communication gaps. Then they can live better.  However, nowadays every family is breaking up to micro family.

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