A wholesaler sells bottles of refined oil in boxes which contain either 64 boxes or 144 boxes. What minimum no. of bottles of refined oil should a retailer purchase in order that he has a choice of buying them in either type of boxes?

which conatain 64 bottles or boxes.
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But the question is that how much bottles should he purchase so that he has the choice of buying it in a box of 64 bottles or 144 bottles


If the retailer purchases the box in which 64 bottles are there so-64x2=128 bottles.
so,the retailer should buy 2 boxes of 64 bottles for minimum number..

I think the answer is 576
he can purchase it in 64*9=576 or 144*4=576
oh?i have now undrstood the answer..
but you can ask any biology question because i am a famous biologist..
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