Mother and father are very important for the future of there children....
but there are some some important thingd that a parent should follow
1.give there child freeedom to do what they like for there career.. give them oppotunity for prooving themselfs
3.tell them to do whatever but walking on a right path
i wanted to become a model com the starting i was afraid of what willl i say to my parents but then when i tried to explain them they said yes.
this prooves that my parents have given me freedom to do anything in my life but also they have trusted me to not to do any thing the quiestion u asked that baccho ke bhavishya mein mata pita ki bhumika kya hui" i m just simply trieng to explain you that all the parents can take a a "seekh"by reading this article....that the parents don't have to take decisions for there own future but for there don't make ur children a puppet of ypur fingers but a manager of your hapiness.....
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