Because the fear in the mind that we can not succeed act like a disease which is more harmful it feels as we are completely paralysed

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In the short story, the last leaf, by o'henry, the patient miss jhonsy was suffering from pneumonia had thought in her mind that she will die when all the leaves from the ivy vine fall off.
as the artist, behrman, made his first and last masterpiece of the leaf outside jhonsy's window she thought that the last leaf was still hanging  and had never fallen from that vine. she started recovering after she saw the drawn leaf hanging as she thought that the leaf is not falling because god wants jhonsy to live. she never knew it was a painting by behrman, until the last when sue reveals to her that behrman had painted it the last night when the last leaf fell, as sue knew that she is recovering from her sickness and has all rights to know the truth,as behrman loved the girls as if they were his daughters.

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