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Aleya lights is also known as 'Marsh ghost lights'. It's said to be a haunted place because a undefined light is seen in  the Bengal swamps. People staying nearby believe that the lights are ghost lights which represent the ghosts of fishermen who died while fishing. People say that the light confuses the fishermen passing that way. But some say that it helps them avoid future danger.


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The earliest attempt to scientifically explain the causes of ignis fatuus was by the Italian physicist Alessandro Volta in 1776 when he discovered methane. He proposes that natural electrical phenomena (like lightning) interacting with marsh gas may be the cause of ignis fatuus.This was supported by the British polymath Joseph Priestley in his series of works Experiments and Observations on Different Kinds of Air (1772–1790); and by the French physicist Pierre Bertholon de Saint-Lazare in De l’électricité des météores (1787).