Yes, caste, creed, gender and colour divides people into small groups. These are the factors by which people are discriminated.
For eg--
1- If any good student is dark in colour then the other students might ignore him.
2- In studies in past the lower caste people were to sit on floor but the upper caste people were allowed to sit in the chairs. 
3- Women are discriminated in past and were not allowed to study and were also not allowed to move out from there houses.
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Rabindranath Tagore has written a very heart touching and true poem.. "WHERE THE MIND IS WITHOUT FEAR AND THE HEAD IS HELD HIGH" in this poem he tells the reality of people and their thinking for the lower castes....there is a wall between the poor and rich... Fair and black ..lower caste and higher caste...these walls have divided the people into fragments....the rich people..fair people and upper castes people ignore the poors....blacks...and lower castes.....but the dream of the Father of our Nation and also of Rabindranath Tagore was of a free India where everyone lives happily without any fear...
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