There was a time when children could be seen playing outdoor games like hide and seek, cricket , football , etc . parks used to be packed with children , running behind trees and on swings. but nowadays they are very much with chatting on cellular phones , surfing the Internet and watching television like couch potatoes , flipping channels to see something hot. outdoor games are very necessary as they keep one physically fit and a sound mind resides in a sound body. write a speech to be delivered in morning assembly on '' games are very necessary for holistic growth.'' , in about 150- 200 words



Helps in growth of both mental and physical health Outdoor games are a way of getting social. We interact with people in the open field. We get the feel of air. Mental health grows through observation and analysis of real life objects present outdoors. I mean this is how humans developed their brains. They observed their surroundings, analysed, thought upon elements and came up with witful conclusions. 
Talking about physical growth, well you could work out indoors, but your body would never get what it was genetically meant to deserve. Besides, running, swimming, riding and all other stuffs ,when done outdoors, fill your lungs with fresh good air which enhances blood circulation.
In the case of indoor games, our body is not stretched and tested.
Outdoor games are the best! Outdoor games help in reducing your weight. Obesity is a major problem nowadays. They help you to overcome laziness. There are also very fun activities nowadays that you can play outdoors. They make us very active. Your body needs this kind of activity, not the type you do on the couch.
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