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1. The political and constitutional changes that came about in the wake of the French Revolution led to the transfer of sovereignty from the monarchy to a body of French citizens.
2. The revolution declared the supremacy of the people and stated that the government has to represent the good interest of the citizens.
3. The ideals and virtues of liberty, equality and, fraternity influenced the whole world. The became an inspiration for countless movements in the 19th and 20th century.
4. The revolution was a fight for equality and justice, to do away with social privileges and establish a society based on merit.
5. It brought about the abolition of serfdom, freed the peasantry and acknowledged the ideas of social, economic and personal liberty.
6. the French revolution established the idea of government based on consent and to be answerable and accountable to the people, thus laying the foundation of a democratic rule.
7. The french revolution established equality of opportunities for all as the basis of social order which inspired many democratic constitutions of the World.
8. It recognised basic human rights like right to life, freedom of speech and opinion or, equality​.
9. It led to spread of revolutionary ideas in other parts of Europe.

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