Ram and Sham were making similar kites in the shape of a rhombus with perimeter of 40 cm.They planned to divide the kite in two triangles using red paper for on triangle and blue for other.Ram divided his kite using 12 cm stick whereas Sham used 16 cm stick.Find how much red and blue paper is required.




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Ram and Sham are making two different Kite s  in the shape of Rhombuses.

  Perimeter = 4 * a = 40 cm 
  =>  the side of the Rhombus = 10 cm.

The internal angles and the diagonal sizes, and hence the areas of the two kites are different.

Ram's Kite:

One of the diagonals of the kite is an integral multiple of 12 cm scale used.

The diagonals of the Kite of Ram are:   X = 12 * k  cm (a multiple of 12 cm, as a scale of 12 cm is used).  The other diagonal is W cm,  let us say.

Since in a Rhombus,  4 a² = X² + W²
   4* 10² =  12² * k²  +  W^2
           X, k are non zero positive integers  and W is a positive real number.
 if   k = 1,  then   W = 16
So the diagonals are:   12 cm  and 16 cm.
So the area of Ram's kite =    12 * 16/2= 96 cm²

Similarly for Sham's kite:
   one of the diagonals of the kite is an integral multiple of 16 cm scale.

   4 * a² = (16 k)² +  N² 
             here  k, N are positive and k is a positive integer.
  4 * 100 =  256 * k² + N²
     k = 1  and hence,      N = 12 cm

So the diagonals are :  16 cm and 12 cm..
The area of the kite is :  16 * 12 / 2 = 96 cm²

The areas of blue and red paper are equal to 96 cm²
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