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developmental goals of 10 people from different occupations
1) Landless rural labourers : More days of work and better wages local school is able to provide quality education for their children there is no social discrimination and they too can become leaders in the village
2) prosperous farmers; assured high family income through higher support price for their crops and through hard working and cheap labourers  they should be able to settle their children abroad
3) Farmers who depend only on rain for growing crops; The farmer wants more rain to increase his production and wants more income from his crops
4) A rural woman from a land owning family: The woman want to grow crops in her land by keeping agriculture labourers with less wages
5) Urban unemployed youth; He want to get job and a family.
6) a boy from a rich urban family: He want to start a business and earn money
7) A girl from a rich urban family: she wants freedom like boy and she want to get marry with a nice person
8) An adivasi from mining fields: He wants to save forests from mining
9) person from fishing community in the coastal areas: He wants more fishes to capture in the net and earn more money
10) A government employ; He want to get retirement and want to take pension and enjoy the life
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