There are many plannings regarding the villages . some of them which are induced by new goverment are
1. jan dhan yojana
2. rhastriya bank khata 
3. atal pension yojna 
etc .........
1. jan dhan yojna : it is introduced by our pm narendra modi for making india's  economic  condittion better . as every people invest thier some amount in bank and there are a lot of people in india who do not have bank account it will slowly and gradually make a huge amount which will thus empower the gov and also the country.

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Some of the plannings done by government are:-
1. Adhaar Card
2. Atal Pension Yojna
3. Jan Dhan Yojna
4. Rhastriya Bank Khata 
5. In one year Modi Ji will adopt any one village.

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