living things will not get sufficient amount of oxygen which is required for living.
living things donot have food to eat.
most of the animals depends on trees for their food they don't have their food
trees are also used in preparations of medicines so we don't have them too.
there will be no shelter for us.
temperature is controlled by them
flood is also controlled
plants gives us clan air.
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That's a huge cataclysm, but as long as enough other green plants took their place, there could be just as much oxygen in the world. I'm sure the level would drop off for a time, there may be lots of extinctions, but it depends what took the place of the trees...presumably other green plants.

A lot of the photosynthesis in the world is done by single-celled algae in the oceans. Trees aren't the be-all and end-all of plant life. They are the biggest plants though.
The first of these is impossible to answer because evolution would have been so different and humans would not have evolved at all.

The second of these is becoming quite apparent, because on a worldwide level we are cutting down or burning trees at a quite alarming rate. Deserts regions will grow larger and rainfall diminish leading to ever greater famine in those areas most affected like the horn of Africa where not only humans but livestock and wild animals suffer greatly. If there were no tr
Living things will not live if there where no trees.
a)there will not be oxygen which is essential for living beings
b)there will not be any house because houses are made up of wood which is given by trees
c)there will be no human being because tree give us oxygen which is neccesary for us
d)there will be no bird because birds make their nests in trees
e)there will be no animal because animal live in forests
f)there will not be any food for the birds and animals because only plants give us food

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