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Date: 6/6/15
Time: 9:15 p.m

Dear Diary
Today was a really wonderful day for me as I paid a visit to an Old Age Home. My dad told me the value of Karma in life and I was enthusiastic to do something good for others. My dad saw my enthusiasm and suggested going to an Old age home. I was ecstatic!
As we entered we were greeted by a lady, Anne, who was the caretaker of  the Old Age Home. She took us to the Old pals living there. Their faces lit up seeing me and dad. We gave them a lot of warm clothes and a nice treat of some age appropriate snacks. It was Friday and the Old homies wanted us to join for their weekly movie. It was an Old Bollywood movie. We enjoyed a lot-joking, snacking , talking and laughing. 
The Grandpas and Grandmas gave me and dad a lot of good wishes. I felt so good that tears started roling down my cheeks. 
IT was the best day of my life

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welcome :)
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