The present status of farmers in india isn't very good . they are facing very difficult situations due to the irregularity in monsoon . they are facing such a difficult situation that they are felling better to die.
although there are many reliefs provided by the gov of india but due to corruption these reliefs feels more burden

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1-In all India there are 248.7 million farmers
2-36 per cent farmers live either in a hut or a kuchha house
3-Most farmer households (61 per cent) have two meals a day. Only 2 per cent have one
meal a day and 34 per cent eat more than two times a day.
4-Only 44 per cent farmers eat all three meals a day, whereas 39 per cent of the surveyed
farmers said that they eat lunch and dinner only.
5- 65 per cent farmers said that other members from the family also helped in activities
related to farming.

6- 75 per cent of the farmers said they are engaged in farming for more than ten years.

7-66 per cent of the women belonging to farmer households are
involved in farming.

8-18 per cent women of the farmer households do other non-farming work to contribute
financially to the family income

9-63 per cent youth belonging to farmer households help the family in farming.

10-Only 24 per cent youth belonging to farmer households are interested in continuing
farming while 76 per cent would prefer to do some other work rather than farming.