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On finding the square root of  7581
Hence we will subtract 12 from 7581 which is 7569 to get the perfect square.

the square root of 7569 is 87

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By finding the square root of 7581 (which is not a perfect square) by division method , we get:87.06 (approx).
Nearest whole number=87.
Square of 87=87*87=7569.
The difference between 7581 and 7569=7581-7569
Therefore,  to make it a perfect square , 12 should be subtracted from it.Then it becomes the square of 87.
This perfect square is 87*87=7569.
Square root of this perfect square=√7569=+87 or -87.
Ans:The perfect square is 7569 and this is the square of +87 or -87.
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