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Term 'natural disaster' describes an extreme environmental anomaly. For example, we can say that storms and abundant rainfall can be found in most of the places around the world and they are a natural atmospheric occurance. In some places though, they can become extreme causing floods, tornados, disastrous lighting storms and so on. 

In different countries around the world, there's a risk of a particular calamity every year. Smaller or bigger, less or more dangerous. In some places, like Japan, we can experience earthquakes, in some it might be a flood or a twister. In every place where a danger of such an event taking place, there are instructions regarding safety measures which should be taken in case something happens. 

While going somewhere, you should always try to find out what kind of natural disasters can occur in a place you're going to in that particular time period and keep to them. If there are shelters listed, write down they're addresses and check how to get to them fast enough. 

Remember that you can't fight the nature, so you should be prepared at all times!