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On day to day life the addiction of facebook is on higher scale. Facebook is used globally over 6 million and more users. Its a big distraction mostly for students. As they are busy on facebook to upload there pictures qnd talk to their friend. Its a social networking site. This site itself has its rule that children above 18 year only have permission to use but in day to day time the children below 10 are using. Which is known as cyber crime. There are many people as users who are used to but nude pixtures so that they can get more than 100-200 likes and comments , which is not in a right way. in most part of india , girls are killed because they are not born as boy. In few villages people have their own culture to kill girls because they are the ones who have to go anothers house. But the mindset of people have to get cganged because if they can worship goddess then qht cant they allow girl to be brorn......!!! In todays time girla are known as jhnasi ki rani, sonia gandhi, maha devi verma etc..... girls are doctors ,police woman, dentist, engineer , navy,pilot etc SO GIRLS SHOULD BE BORN IF THEY WONT THEN TBE FUTURE HAS NO SUCESS PLS MARK THE BEST