There is no gain saying thst poverty has a direct and deep impact on democracy. a black family earns much lesser than a white family so inequality in their income was clearly visible in their voting pattern. in the president elections nearly 9 out of 10 individuals with income over $75000 and above had voted but nearly 5 out of 10 from families less than $15000 had voted.not only this,but also the difference in their income also shaped their abilities to influence the decisions taken by government. because 95% contribution to the political parties came from rich so, they were in a better position to influence the political parties and through them the government as compared to most of the citizens with lower incomes. as poor participants less in politics, the government does not pay must attention towards them and to their main concerns like education, healthcare, housing problems and poverty etc. the government formed by the different politicians, are more concerned to the business or rich class of the society.