Computer is a very good device.
it is very useful because we can store imformation.we can also do our works.
nowadays it is not possible to buy all books.
but in online we can do it.
we can understand concepts in you tube.
it is useful for some people who do their online jobs.
and,in our website,brainly,we can clarify ours and others doubts
The government is keen on spreading computer education. in bigger cities,children r introduced to computers even before they r taught alphabets . computer helps to bring hand-on experience . children learn to recognize things and objects , they learn to spot animals .recall  colours and relate to sound of different kinds. in higher education they can be used very effectively . we can use computers to see trans-sectional view of blood cell, the flow of blood circulation in our body , the movement of planets in solar system ,3-d model of atom , etc . it seems that computer will soon overtake every classroom teaching method. moreover,computerization of every sector, industry and department - is opening new options and avenues in career formation. internet has condensed  the entire knowledge of universe into a screen of 80 columns and 24 rows . any kind of information is just a click of mouse away.  nothing is beyond reach for a student  with a heart thirsting for knowledge .

                                      hope it may help u