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Dear tina
hi how are you i hope you are fine. i want to wish you happy birthday . are you arranging a birthday party.
this time how are you celebrating your birthday . do you remember you last birthday i had helped in decorating and bought you a friendship shell did you like it that time?
that birthday your dad had given you a scooty and your mom had given you a cup this time i am giving you a very wonderful gift hope you will like it
convey my regards to uncle,aunt and marina
yours loving

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who was her ?a friend?
in which line
what you are telling am not understanding
you know telugu
no i know tamil
Dear Friend,
Two and a half years have passed of our togetherness (and of BP's). These two and a half years passed like few seconds and the time of our separation is approaching but I hope we'll be in contact.
Well I forgot
I hope all your wishes be fulfilled!
All you desires satisfied!
I know you will never hurt anyone.I trust you with that.At heart you are very good.
The time I spent with you all was the BEST TIME OF MY LIFE. Or life was at its best because of you.
I, you and BP's made the best and the coolest group of our school.We had tough times, fights, clashes but we were together.
I know we had secrets which we never shared but we shared a lot and the best thing we shared was our TOGETHERNESS.
I wish I don't have to go...........I don't want to go.................I wish.........
I wish we always remain together. I love this school, my friends and everything. I don't know where we will be transferred.
Memories are the only possessions I will carry forth-ALL THE SWEET AND BITTER MEMORIES OF OUR TOGET