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                                           The best birthday ever! 

I live with my parents in a big city but my grandmother lives in a small village, about 35km from my home. She doesn't like the noise of the bustling city, Grandma says. 

Last winter break, I went to stay with her in the village. It so happened that I had my birthday the second day I was there. Knowing that, Granny had already made the arrangements for the celebration - her own way. Early in the morning, she woke me up and gave me a cold bath. Then she took me to the village temple to say her prayers and get blessings for me from the village priest. Also, she arranged a community"langar" for all the villagers. I was so happy and pleased that I could have been there.

She made me the cynosure of every eye in the village which made me feel appreciated and really important. In the evening, we all danced to the music of drums thanks to a local drummer which came along as well! I don't think I could ever forget that day as every moment of it is still fresh in my mind.

Granny, I Love You sooooo much!
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