Clean schools and clean, India, is a great idea. This would be the good of the Hindusthan and Hindusthanion. It is time that we all over the country to resolve this problem.
        2 October 2014 Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Good Clean India campaign launched. Mahatma Gandhi was a dream that all Indian residents learn about hygiene and implemented. They pay great attention to Pryvrn were clean.
    If all citizens, large and small places around your home and clean the disease will stop spreading. Our house, state, and country Dikenge beautiful. Sfayi Indian foreign residents in case we are far behind. India clean and keep clean our money spent for medicines in the Asptl are karate, will survive. We will take the country to develop and. Cleanliness and hygiene of all the citizens of India have a social responsibility.
   Clean India will increase public health and sanitation and the poor will be left with money. This will improve the economic situation of India. In this work, we find only two hours every week. People in India do not let dirt and clean.