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        Corruption is a community level, individual level ,state level and  national level problem that is creating difficulties for the public.  Corruption is the phenomenon of demanding and taking bribes to do some job that should be done without bribes.  It is the phenomenon of illegally utilizing government or public funds and property for selfish use and benefit.  It is the practice of doing scams, inside trading, improper allocations of jobs.   Corruption,  in a nut shell, is the dishonest/disloyal practices in performing one's duty.

        These are the reasons for corruption in India.  If we remove these reasons and prevent them, then corruption will be removed.  

1. high taxes - selfish people do not want to pay taxes to government.
          Adjust the tax structure to the liking of people.  Also, people must understand the need for taxes and pay honestly.  Education must be imparted properly to make people believe and practice honestly.

2. Unavailability of sufficient opportunities for every one for their qualifications
      Create enough opportunities for every one.  Create more industries, allow for more production, export.  Decrease imports.  Make India as a producing factory and not as a market for outsiders.  

3. Selfish people want to earn more money or get to a higher position quicker than normal pace.  Lack of proper education at school and college levels.        Educate people properly on moral, ethical and social values. 

 4. Forces by other people in office or intimidated by powerful persons.        Create a pressureless - harrassment-less and exploitation-less work environment.

5.  Escalating costs for basic needs such as housing, sites, education, dowries or expenses for marriages.          Control  costs very much.  This is essential.  

6.  Lack of transparency in the system where services are provided.          Create transparency as much as needed.  We are improving on this aspect.  

7. Delays in approvals in the regular official procedures, red tape.
      Facilitate e-governance and speed up official procedures. stop red-tapism.

8. Limitations of anti corruption officers in catching.  Limitations of law and judiciary in enforcing it.         Allow a strong ACB.

9.  Roots of corruptions being rooted already very deep in to the political, industrial, social structures.

          See that the corruption does not spread too much in future. Stop it and see that new generation is more honest sincere and hardworking. People who are most selfish and lazy are the people who promote corruption.  Political corruption must be first stopped.  

10. Investments in foreign or  Indian banks or markets being easy to hide bribes as black money.
           Improve relations with foreign banks.  Expose the corrupt people with money in foreign banks. Bring all the money back to India.  Make a rule to strictly not to allow foreign banks to take in black money.

11. Improper education of morals, ethical values. Lack of faith in good discipline, truth, Satya, virtues

       All children must receive good education in their schools and colleges that tells about the bad social practices and the improper social balance due to the malpractices.

Benefits of Honesty:   Whether being honest makes a person rich or not, it makes a person true to self, confident, courageous, ideal citizen, and a model person.  Such a person gets respect and earns enviable fame in the society. 

   It is better to be away from corruption.  There are many opportunities for people in ever growing society with newer technologies coming in and developments taking place.

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