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                           Importance of English    

        English has become the first and most important international language in the world today.  Most of the transactions, conversations, legal documents, official communication, documentation, laws, books, education, and even the computer interface are all in English in a big way.  The information available in English language on the internet or otherwise is more in English than even the local or our mother tongue.

         English is not really needed to live and do a job and Earn our living.  However, there are very few such jobs that do not need English.  Even the lowest level government jobs and security jobs need comprehension, writing and conversational ability in English.

           Thus we need to learn English language to able to fit into the society of today and of the future.  We need to learn English language to be able to learn the advanced knowledge written in English.  If we are aiming at higher education then it becomes more or less essential not only to learn but also to master the language.   Unfortunately many signboards, notice boards are also written in English.

       In a country like Russia, France, Spain, China, Japan etc.,  most of the education and life does not necessarily depend on English.  They do most of their work in their national language.  But unfortunately or fortunately in India, we have about 22 official languages.   When we travel to another state speaking in another language, we often have to use English or Hindi.  In some states Hindi is not well understood too.   Thus learning English becomes a necessity.

            The sports and games lovers in India watch TV or see on internet the progress of important matches.   The medium of communication is generally Hindi or English.   Thus if we don’t understand what the commentators are saying, we lose some important part of the game.

        Thus most of the young and adult population learns enough to do the basic interaction and understanding in English.  That is at least needed.  Depending on one’s interest and ability to grasp and express one self, one can learn more and more proficiency.  

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