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I believe that it’s gonna be much better for you if you try to write your answer by yourself. I understand that it’s not easy, so I’m going to help you out. Below, you can find some ideas for your arguments to this essay along with comment how to use it properly:     

1. Life is a brings you a wide variety of emotions. At times they make us happy, at times they make us sad.
A simple opening line for the essay. Be sure to start from a general idea, we're writing about positive and negative deeds so it's good for start off by outlining the very concept of both of them. Show what does it mean to be a human and that there are always two sides of the story.

2. People are bound to making mistakes and nobody's born perfect. It is how we deal with happiness and sadness that defines us.  
We are all but human and making mistakes is a part of our nature. It's good to note that we develop through mistakes, than children learn new things by trying and failing miserably countless times untill they're able to perform the action they were going for. Try to remember how you were learning to ride a bike and compare to the present - it's become something that's just natural. 

3. I'm a human too and my own life has been full of deeds both - inspiring and regretful.
Let's get to more in depth into your own experience. Steer the topic towards certain arguments that will be presented in a second. 

4. I remember that helping others, especially the elderly, poor or children has always made me immensly happy and satisfied.
Give an example of something you've done that made you feel proud of yourself. When you helped somebody or made a difference, it doesn't have to be something big, even the smallest of good deeds counts as long as it makes another person feel better. 

5. It wasn't always the case though, I know that I wasn't perfect more than once. 
After the good deed comes the time for a more regretful one. Show that just like anybody else you make mistakes, be sure though, to show that you understand the importance of making amends. Not always however, harm can be undone, that's the most important truth of all. 

7. All of us make mistakes but it doesn't mean that we should accept it. It's our call to make things different and our responsibility to make amends for the mistakes we've done in the past. 
Not always can be repaired but it doesn't mean that we shouldn't try hard to do it. Here's the time to sum up your essay, put some final thoughts, say that even though we are bound to fail countless times over our lives, it's the energy to try and get better what makes the human race so special. That's the most basic motor of our societies - making things better is what brought us where we stand today as the whole species. 

I hope it helps you create an amazing essay! 

All the best! 

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