1)How does the architecture developed during the Delhi sultanate?
List five methods to preserve and save forests.
3) Is it possible to reach the centre of the earth? Why?
4) As a member of a disaster management team, what measures will you take if earthquake occurs at any place?
5) Coalition government can be both good and bad for the country. What are its pros and cons?



3) no, its not possible to reach the centre of the earth because of the intense heat.
the inner core may have a temperature of about 13000 F, hotter thann the sun!!!! 
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the rulers of delhi sultanate built two kinds of buildings , first included forts, palaces and tombs, second included public buildings like temples, mosques, tanks and wells.
they added new architectural features like dome chambers and he cylendrical double minaret. some of their famous monuments - quwwat-ul-islam mosque, alai darwaza, khirki majzid, etc. callighraphy was an important element of decorative art on these buildings.
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2) 1. Protect More Ancient Forests 
    2. Use Ecoforestry in All Secondary Forests 
    3. Support Canada’s National Forest Strategy 
    4. Ban the Import of Illegally Logged Timber 
    5. Use Less Paper and Wood 
    6. Eat Less Beef
    7. Invest in Rainforest Communities
    8. Support the Activists
    9. Act on the Solutions to Global Climate Change
    10. Act on the Solutions to Global Poverty
3)No its not possible. The interior of the Earth is way to hot humans would be incinerated if we went down there. We know some of what is down there because of seismic waves like P-waves(they come first) and S-waves (they come second). By using the difference in arrival time, we know that P waves can travel through liquids while, s waves can't.
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