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 MONEY, the most important entity around which the whole world revolves round and round until the death.
      Money and honey are life for so many.  Money is not something to speak on, but to earn continuously in our lives.  Everything in our world is secondary to Money, and there is no doubt about it.
Let us ask ourselves how it came in to our lives?
     Money was originally invented by the man as a common denomination. Long ago, it was introduced mainly for trade and exchange of goods (and services)  and to save the earnings in the form of money.  In those old days, money was secondary to the ethical and moral values.
Nowadays everything boils down to money.
     But as the time progressed, the value of money increased tremendously and the value of the human being decreased in comparison to money. We need money for buying food and for arranging basic amenities. We need more money for living comfortably. We need to earn even more money to live luxuriously.

    But, there is one catch.  Money is often, the seed of money,  That is, you can earn more money only if you have money.    We need to earn more money for saving for the safety of ours and of our family members in the future against any calamity. When we have money, people give us respect in the society.  A man without money is like a bow without arrows.
   It is important that we earn money and save money too. Earning money in illegal ways can be dangerous in future. We never know the worth of water (money) until the well (our purse) is dry (empty).  So earn money honestly and live happily.  Easily said than done, money is not so easy to earn and protect.  We need to be careful and caring in today's ever cost-increasing world.

Some proverbs on  Money -- please add in between the paragraphs above.  Then it will be very effective.

   Not cheap without reason, nor dear without value.
   He who does kind deeds becomes rich.
    You care for money ,  money will care for you.
    Just Money is not everything in life, good relations, happiness and safety are important.
    Money is not the final goal of life,  it is gives us a good life at a higher standard of living.

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